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Summer Adventure Traditionally the Spring and Autumn seasons are regarded as the best time to visit the Himalayas, but a visit in the Summer can be just as exciting. Nepal offers a different complexion with the monsoon rains and hot summer days transforming the countryside. Trekking up north to remote areas like Dolpo and Mustang are not uncommon especially when you don't have to contend with the extreme cold of the winter months in the higher elevations. The jungles in the foothills of Nepal too can be a very different place; this is when they are at their greenest and richest. The season is also a bonanza for souvenir seekers and other bargain hunters. And especially, don't overlook special combined trips to Tibet highly recommended at this time.
Nepal is the land of the Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) and many other mighty Himalayas. Your journey across Nepal is not complete without the Everest Flight. Ranging from around 5500 to 8848 meters, it is the highest and the greatest mountain range in the world which sweeps in a vast crescent, hundreds of miles long. No other country can rival Nepalís concentration of high peaks in the whole world. Only 14 peaks in the world rise around 8000 meters, and eight of them are in Nepal. In addition to them, she also has almost one hundred peaks of more then 7000 meters in height.
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